Fear of Failure As A Lash Tech...

Something major that concerns people is ‘failing’ or what others will think. I struggled to explain to people for so long why I wasn’t actually using a philosophy degree because my salary just wouldn’t be comparable anymore. But not everything is about finances. I have a gorgeous son Tiger, who I wanted to spend time with, my chosen career was initially to be an R.E teacher, a job that’s constant, whether in school or at home- it never ends, strict holidays are off-putting for me too. With the path I have chosen, if I want the day off to spend time with Tiger- I’ll book it off. If I want a weekend getaway- I’ll book it off and go. Time is so precious and being efficient with it is the key. 

Investing in yourself in whatever capacity is NEVER a waste of money. Anything that helps you grow as a person is money well spent. You never end up worse of spending money on learning a new skill or gaining knowledge.

I’m starting to sound so MLM now, but I just love seeing people doing well for themselves. If you ever want to bounce your ideas off me, book in for training with me or want recommendations for a course provider in something I don’t offer- my inbox is always open.

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