7 Reasons to Become a Lash Technician

There are boundless reasons to become a Lash Technician, so I'm gonna hit you with my TOP 7✨

Work Your Own Hours

You get to pick your own hours, be as flexible as you have always dreamt of a job being. I have a son now, but started when I was in university. Over the years I have changed my hours to suit what I needed them to be, reducing them during exam periods, maternity leave and now around nursery hours.

Make New Friends

I have made sooo many friends doing this job! Clients become friends (I'm actually a client's next of kin now😅) As well as clients, you will make friends with loads of others in the industry- it's such a supportive community. 

Uncapped Income

Ever been in a job where you think you deserve to be paid more? Well with lashing, you choose your own prices, and if you calculate them based on your outgoings, fees and what you want to earn, you will be in a comfortable position. Ever need to make more- charge more!

Progression Opportunities

You can take your career anywhere you'd like! Want to advance into further beauty treatments or niche into lash extensions and become an educator? The world is your oyster and nothing can stop you achieving amazing things!

Holiday Freely

No more waiting anxiously for holiday requests to be approved, just book it, amend your schedule and GO! Your clients will be waiting to hear all about it when you're back.

Work Anywhere

I have worked in so many different places: salons, mobile and home based too. I've even owned my own salon! I've been spread across 2 locations too, to expand my client base- you could even work abroad!

Make Others Feel Good

Everyone knows there is no better feeling than getting your lashes done, and you get to experience this over and over again through your clients! Serotonin is flying around, everyone is happy, win win!


If you think it's a career you could enjoy and grow in, take a look at our courses at ByPhoebe, and start your journey today!



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